The Kennel Club Assured Breeders scheme

Our Assured Breeders scheme certifies and promotes responsible dog breeders who make animal health and welfare their priority. We inspect and monitor our breeders to ensure that they continue to breed to the best standards possible and give their puppies the best start in life.

Become an Assured Breeder

If you’re thinking of joining our Assured Breeders scheme, you can find all the details of how and why to become an Assured Breeder, including the rules and regulations of our scheme.

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Why join us?

Becoming an Assured Breeder gives you access to a range of benefits, discounts and assures puppy buyers that you’re a responsible breeder.

Why join us
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How to join

Find out what you need to do to become a member of our Assured Breeders scheme, how much it costs and how to apply.

How to join
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Assessment visits

All of our Assured Breeders are inspected, but what does this inspection involve and what can you expect on the day?

Assessment visits

Information for current Assured Breeders

If you’re already a member of the scheme then you can find all the information needed to support you in continuing to be an Assured Breeder.


Health requirements and recommendations

Find all the breed-specific DNA tests, health schemes and welfare considerations that must be used on all of your breeding dogs before mating.

Requirements and recommendations
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Quick links and useful information

Members of our Assured Breeders scheme can find links to useful information and documents to help manage and maintain their membership.

Quick links for assured breeders
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Rules of the Assured Breeders scheme

The standard for our Assured Breeders scheme includes all of the rules, requirements and expectations that must be followed by Assured Breeders.

The Kennel Club Assured Breeders Standard

Buying an Assured Breeder puppy

If you’re thinking of buying a puppy from one of our Assured Breeders then you can find all the information below on why it’s important to buy from a responsible breeder and how to find a responsibly bred puppy.

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Why buy from an Assured Breeder?

Our Assured Breeders make the health and welfare of dogs their priority and strive to provide a source of healthy well-bred and well-reared puppies.

Why buy from an Assured Breeder?
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Find an Assured Breeder

If you’ve made the decision to buy a puppy from an Assured Breeder, you can use our search facility to find responsible breeders that breed dogs in your area.

Find an Assured Breeder
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Give us feedback

We’d love to hear about your experience of buying a puppy from one of our Assured Breeders. Your feedback helps us monitor how our breeders and service is doing.

Give us feedback